Chasing a Dream

Caught Off Guard

Today was fairly interesting. I woke up today, thinking that it was going to be another day of school where I would sit in class, get some work done, move on to the next, and then go on home. Apparently, the was not to be the case.

When I got to my first class of the day, I noticed that all my friends were all dressed up and looking like they were going somewhere important. Evidently, that was the case.

We were going to go to Amway: A billion dollar company now spread across the globe that specializes in the market of health, beauty and home care. Except health and beauty were the last things that I was to be doing there.

The real reason why I was there was that the academy that I am a part of in our school set up a sort of interview with a numerous amount of Amway employees that took the time out of there day to talk to us simple-minded teenagers about their profession. The primary reason for talking with them was so that we could get some incite on people who are much more experienced with the world. We’d listen to their stories about their job or how they got there, we’d ask questions, and then we’d move on. Sound boring? Maybe it was. No one ever said life wouldn’t have its boring times though.

Some Good ‘Ol Questions

Most people would probably think this was a waste of time; I saw several of my own classmates completely shirking off what those people were saying to us, regardless of the fact that they were telling us very useful information that would no doubt help us in life.

For me, I like to think that I jumped at the opportunity. I enjoy thinking; analyzing things. One thing that I “analyzed” about myself lately is that I have been slacking off a teamendous amount. School work is late; I haven’t been posting; I’m up until about two in the morning doing whatever. It’s what I like to call the Summertime Slump: The time in the year where the school begins to draw to a close and the craving for summer vacation drives your motivation into the dirt. I have it BAD. My objective was to hopefully change that.

So for the few people that I got to talk to, I usually asked them about things such as: What do you think success is? What do you think is a good way to avoid distractions in school? What are some effective ways to fulfill your dreams? Things like that. And to be perfectly honest… I can safely say that the things that they told me helped me out a lot.

A New Dream

A good portion of what the speakers told me is that if I wanted to find something that I’m passionate about, I should try to branch out a bit more; simply try new things. The jist of what I got however is that many of them thought that being successful in life was living a life that they were happy with. They had a good job, one that they enjoyed, a family, financially stable, and they got to do what they loved. For me, there was one thing I always loved doing.


Probably the only thing in my life that I know I can safely say that I love is writing. Throughout my life, I have always enjoyed taking the time to write a narrative about something. Turns out that I was rather good at it, and over the years I progressively got better and better at it.

All throughout this year however, my teacher Mr. Stuart would give semi-shortish speeches about being successful and trying to make yourself better. How the successful person would always strive to become better and get out of their comfort zone so that they may make and take new opportunities in life. Because of Mr. Stuart, I now have an opportunity of my own.

I told Stu around the early stages of the year that I always wanted to write a book. I even tried writing one at one point of that year (before that, I had tried to write about five other books at different occasions). Recently, although I’m not entirely sure why he had done it, he had given me access to an account of his that was all about writing and publishing a book of your own. It honestly shocked me a little. There I was, a relatively complex teenager that wanted to be something, yet didn’t take big steps towards becoming that something, was being handed an opportunity. My own teacher/mentor wanted me to write a book. One thing ran through my head when I thought about it. Why Not?

Doing Something Differently

The reality of my situation was that I was given a shot to be something. It was a door that was no doubt going to close relatively soon, so I needed to start. Except there was a problem. I knew myself well enough to know that the opportunity alone wasn’t going to get me to write a full blown novel, especially when I had attempted, and failed, on several different occasions. I asked myself: What can I do differently so that I can get this done?

So I gave it some thought. I realized that now was the best time out of the entire time I’ve been alive to finally get done what I wanted to do for so many years now. I told myself. I am going to write a book.

Except I still faced a similar problem that had bested me so many times before. What was going to continue to push me to finish this book when the inspiration filled well ran dry?


And so, I did. Admittedly, I haven’t even begun to start writing yet (Stu gave me the info about a month ago). What I intend to do is create the whole story in the form of notes. Every character, every plot twist, every little detail, I was going to write down on a continuous set of notes, to the point where the only thing missing was the actual story itself. I am to create everything before I even start writing.

You may think I’m crazy. I had an idea right? Shouldn’t I just get writing a keep going? I thought that too. Except that failed several times. I knew there was no point on doing something again when I knew it was bound to fail. With this idea, I’m hoping that when I lose the inspiration that originally inspires that creation of the story, I will have all my notes to fall back on. When I lose the inspiration to continue writing what will happen next, I will already know and just go from there.

Honestly, I don’t know if I’ll get it done. Heck, the realistic side of me says that I won’t. Thing is, I’m not listening to my realistic side of myself. I don’t need to be realistic right now. I need to tell myself that I’m going to get this done. That I WILL get this done.

So… I will. I’m going to write my own book. No questions asked.

Your Own Dreams

Naturally, everything that you read should have some form of moral to it. We’re at that part now.

I want you to take a good look inside of yourself and think of a dream you had. Maybe you want to write a book as well? Maybe you want to do something you may think is unrealistic. All I ask of you is to think of a dream of yours and chase it down. Don’t get me wrong, as far as I’ve been told (noticed how I didn’t say “know”) it’s going to suck chasing that thing. You’ll sweat, you’ll cry, and you’ll want to give up when results don’t show right away (that’s what happened to me with this blog). But there is one thing that we should all remember.

There is no escalator or elevator up the stairway to success. You gotta march up that flight up stairs with confidence. 200 steps up and you want to quit right? You might. Most will. They look towards their goal, 200 steps up, and see the other 480,000. Right there is when 99% loses their fight towards being something. Your job is to be that 1% that looks up to that challenge with confidence, and trudge your way up those steps until your all the way at the top.

Who knows. Maybe there’s a giant slide on your back down the mountain? I don’t know. You don’t know. But one day we will. And I will see you guys at the top.



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