The Terrible Truth Behind the Human Race

A Rather Interesting Experiment

Early today, I watched a rather… interesting video. It was of a man who posed as a homeless person. However, he didn’t ask for some spare change or give a story about how he wanted to get a nice warm meal in his stomach. In fact, he didn’t ask for anything. He asked the ongoers if THEY wanted some spare money. Regardless of the fact that he was posing as a homeless man, he offered others his money to see their reaction.

They’re reactions weren’t pleasant.

So many people that was offered money by the man, rejected him, and, in short, told him to piss off (pardon my language). It got me thinking: Why is it that these people were so rude to him? It’s one thing to refuse the money from a homeless man because he most likely needs every dollar that he can get to survive, but it’s an entirely different thing to yell at the man and walk off.

Let’s just take a moment to marvel at the idea that people, who witnessed a homeless person offering to give them money, out of the kindness of his heart, would act so rudely to him. Yes, he was just pretending to be homeless, but we’re not looking at the kindness behind it, we’re looking at the people that were flat out jerks to someone who was giving up something that he needed.

Seriously: Take a moment to watch this video to truly understand what these people did. (note that there is some vulgar language in this video)

Why Do We Do What We Do?

I took the time to think about some things for a long while and I came to one simple conclusion: A large portion of the human race are hypocrites.

The sad and terrible truth is that we really are. I am for a fact, but we tell people and ourselves that we should be nice to others. We tell so many people that we should always be kind to others or that if someone is giving you trouble, to just walk away from it. So why is it that we make others feel terrible?

In one of my classes, I witness a kid being picked on and shut down all the time. That’s just in my school. Even in the “real world,” I witness so many people talking down onto people and acting like that they’re better than others. I’m not a saint either. I’m a very rude and vulgar person at times so I’m living proof that so many people are hypocrites. Just look at what I’m doing right now. I’m writing a post, about hypocrites and how people should be nice, when just yesterday I said some rather rude things to other human beings, directly to their face.

But let’s take a look at you. Every single person in the history of the universe has probably been rude to others at least at one point in their life. No of us are the exception are we? We know we’ve probably hurt others, and we know others have hurt us. Take a moment to look at who you are and understand just why that’s the case.

Why do we feel the need to hurt others?

A New Understanding

Take a moment to ask yourself: When was the last time you hurt someone else? In all sincerity, the slightest insult or seemingly harmless joke could have hurt someone. So when was the last time you did? Now when was the last time someone might have hurt you?

We spend our lives trying to be top dog, and yet we set ourselves short, along with so many others. The Human race are a very needy species. You can’t deny, there are very few people in the world that you are probably willing to give up practically anything for. Sure, your wife or husband, your kids, your family and friends. But have you ever seen a homeless man? Do you honestly think you would give them some cash to help them get some food in their stomach? It’s easy to think we would right? It’s another to actually do it though.

I’ll admit. I’ve never stepped in when my friend was being pushed down on. I’ve never really given up something of mine to help out someone else. The only time I could say I ever gave to something special was when I started a fundraiser for the American Red Cross. And I barely donated myself. The real question is: Have you? When was the last time you were humble enough to give, without return?

The Humble Challenge

So I propose a new idea: I challenge you to try to stay humble for just the day. If you go out of the house; open the door for someone; give someone homeless a single dollar if you can; do something as simple as be there for you friend when they’re down.

We look at the world and see a lot of storm clouds surrounding people, when we don’t seem to realize that we, too have our own clouds hanging above us. All I ask is that if you’re given the opportunity to make someones day, do it. It’ll make you feel good about yourself, bring a smile to their face, and who knows. It may open a new window of opportunity for you.

Ask yourself this: How would you feel if someone lent a helping hand? If it feels nice, give that feeling to someone else, and maybe you’ll get it too 🙂


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