That didn’t go well!

So… you all know that I’ve been neglecting the multiple sites that have recently been created to hold a specific topic and to be a side branch to Xero Mindfulness. And when it came down to talking to many friends about it, the majority of them think that I should actually stick to just posting on this one site because A. It’s sucking up a lot of time trying to create the new websites. B. I feel a little overwhelmed by attempting to create new stuff for multiple things. C. It’s holding me back from posting on this website as a whole

So I think I’m just gonna scratch the idea of creating a multitude amount of websites and just start posting whatever on this one again!

So…to apologize for such a small amount of posting lately… I’m basically gonna swamp today with new posts! (Probably not a smart move but who cares)



About xeromindfulness

I'm nothing but a man looking to be something.
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