Life Hacks #1

  1. Never ask someone if they’re telling the truth. A liar will just keep on lying and an honest person will get offended
  2. One of the best and most delicious ways to cure a hangover is to drink a banana milkshake (Don’t ask me if that’s true)
  3. Nail-polish remover can easily remove any scuffs or stains from your shoes and make them look almost brand new!
  4. Want to read faster? Chew gum. This can double or even triple your reading speed because it distracts the brain signals from your eyes, ears and mouth by giving them something to focus on
  5. A bundle of chalk hung in a closet will absorb all the extra moisture in the air, keeping your clothes dry and fresh
  6. when meeting someone for the first time, try to refer to them by their name during conversation. People love being referred to by their name, and it establishes a sense of trust and friendship right away
  7. Pineapple juice is 500% more effective at helping you stop coughing than cough syrup is. Pineapples contain Bromelain, which can combat infections and eradicate bacteria

About xeromindfulness

I'm nothing but a man looking to be something.
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