Being Better

Recently today, I had asked my teacher/mentor Dave Stuart Jr. how he had managed to get his blog up. While talking about it, I had mentioned that I had make a decent amount of blog posts and he wanted to see my blog. The problem was, I knew that he may frown upon some of the things that I had posted. Particularly the cursing that I was doing in some of my more aggressive posts.

He told me that there was something to note about the fact that I was embarrassed to show him my own blog when I looked up to him. He had told me the way he wrote his posts was that he thought of it like if his grandmother had viewed any and all the posts, that he would not be embarrassed about it.

I cannot say the same however. So I intend on making a few changes along with the main purpose of the blog, but I will be looking towards a matter of professionalism which completely cuts my ability to curse on my posts.

It is a step that I am taking to better myself and hopefully make our blog better so that you, me and John can all benefit and become people that we can be proud of. Remember, we’re all human and it’s only natural to try to give yourself a break, but we must get out of our comfort zone to be the person we have always dreamed about.

Dreaming is the first step to achieving. Doing is the most important step to achieving


About xeromindfulness

I'm nothing but a man looking to be something.
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3 Responses to Being Better

  1. davestuartjr says:

    Noah, I am in love with this blog — more importantly, with the work it represents. Here’s what you’re doing that impresses me:

    –you’re not just listening, you’re writing through what you’ve heard and learned
    –you’re not just writing about what you’ve learned, you’re acting on it

    “Doing is the most important step in achieving.” –Noah Roberts


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