It’s time for some change

With this post, I want to bring something to attention. This something is particularly bigger than you and I but it’s something that absolutely much be addressed. I’m not one to ask for attention, but to anyone that genuinely reads this whole post, I beg of you to share this on some form of social media. I quite aware that this post will most likely be lost in cyberspace really soon but if there is that one off chance that you guys help bring some attention to what I’m going to talk about, I will be forever grateful. Here we go.

We’re all going to die. Probably not anytime soon, but soon enough to probably be in your life time. The reason why we’re going to die? Well… I hate being a pessimist but to put things shortly, the human race is destroying itself. To start things off, I have almost always believed that the human race is pretty messed up. We say that we’re awesome and that we done so many things, and I won’t deny that, hell, we’ve been to the freakin moon. But lets look at some other facts. The human race has successfully: enslaved other humans; has brought species to extinction; has dropped nuclear bombs on one another; preforms terrifyingly painful and dangerous tests on animals and humans alike. That’s only things that come to mind right off the bat. Suffice to say, I personally don’t believe that humans are all that excellent.

But here’s where the dying part comes in.

It’s no doubt that the 21st century has brought about some amazingly awesome and amazingly terrible things. Smart phones and stuff aside, the new advances in technology and so many other things are driving the planet into the ground. We are on the brink of a global catastrophe so terribly it could potentially send the vast majority of life on earth into extinction.

Let’s make a list of things F****** up the planet

  1. Global Warming. Because of global warming we are experiencing: Accelerating rise in sea levels, longer wildfire seasons, more frequent and powerful heat waves, growing health impacts, an increase in extreme weather events, heavier and more powerful rainfall and flooding, more severe droughts (California is currently experiencing a drought and is now rationing water), changing seasons both sooner and later, disruption to food supplies, melting ice caps, destruction of coral reefs. That’s not even the start of it, and it’s only going to get worse. Source:
  2. Increasing Water shortages. Because of the increasingly high human population, more resources are required to take care of so many people, and that includes the very necessary resource, water. Realistically, we’re not “running out” of water, since water doesn’t technically leave or go anywhere with it’s never ending cycles, but we’re running out of CLEAN water. The high amounts of pollution that industries and garbage are creating, many places on earth are starting to become dangerous to live at because of such high amounts of the crud, but water is beginning to become contaminated and unsafe to drink. You might be thinking, “Well why don’t we filter it?”. Well for one, filtering a small glass of water isn’t difficult, it doesn’t take long and woo hoo, the water is (somewhat) clean. But there are over 7 billion humans alone on the planet (keep in mind that most living organisms need water to live), and filtering all of it becomes kind of hard. Never the less, humans are dying of dehydration and with increasing droughts and unclean water, many places are becoming hard to live at and are now rationing one of our most abundant and precious resources.
  3. The fact that not enough people are caring about this. This is where things get really bad. It’s the people that are making the case scenario even worse because so little of the people causing all these problems actually give a crap about it. Top industries that constantly spew out harmful gasses don’t care about the planet, they care about making as much money as possible. It’s gonna take a lot to make these guys change their mind on what they’re doing. After all, why would they care about the future generations when they’re rolling in the dough and dying off happy?

Well that’s the sick and twisted part about it and why I want to bring this to attention. If we keep this up, WE ARE GOING TO DIE! See, as shocking as it may be to some people out there, I want to live a prosperous life and not have to worry about dying because the people in power right now are too fucking stupid to realize that they are practically killing off the next generation because they are doing things that are irreversible and harming the planet. The thing that really sucks is that I can’t do that! I’m constantly worrying about the fact that when I’m 30 or 40 years old, I might have to worry about the amount of water that I have to drink or the fact that if I breathe in air, it may potentially kill me! And it’s not just me, it’s the other 7 billion people inhabiting the world. The people that are causing these issues are going to kill us! So what are we actually going to do about it?!

Well for one, this message needs to get widespread. It needs to get attention. It probably won’t but I’m actually going to try and make a difference, regardless of the fact that it will probably fail. I don’t know about all of you people reading this, but I want to be able to live my full life and not die from so horrible bull s*** that the higher-ups are inevitably going to threaten us with.

This is the human race! We are supposed to be the most impressive species and we sure are! But I don’t think we’re impressive enough to colonize another planet, ’cause with the way we’re going, we’re going to need a new planet to live on. Because guess what? The planet Earth? The huge space rock we all live on? It’s going to hell. And we’re all riding with it. Something needs to change soon before it really becomes too late.

This is MY LIFE! And I dare you to give me one damn reason that I should just willing let the jack offs of yesterday screw up the future that is tomorrow! I’m not going to let myself and everyone else have to suffer some terrible disaster in the future without at least putting up a fight.

Now for everyone that was somewhat moved by this post. Do me and everyone else, and your children a huge favor and share this! This isn’t something to be taken lightly.

Like hell am I dying because of some global climate change…


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