A bit about me (Noah)

You didn’t ask for it! So I’m gonna deliver anyway!

1. I love playing games (favorite game is league of legends)

2. I’m japanese 😛

3. I am incredibly sarcastic and a smart ass, but whenever someone does it to me, I get incredibly mad

4. I love singing. It’s always been an odd passion of mine to the point where I used to dream of being a famous singer

5. I’ve made the attempt at writing a numerous amount of books (this shows how I still need to strive to push myself and continue on the path of being successful)

6. I am the youngest of six kids (4 sisters, 1 brother (kinda sucks))

7. I am rather hypocritical with some of the things that I post because I have a hard time doing several of the things that I preach

8. A very large portion of my successful thoughts has come from my teacher Mr. Dave Stuart Jr, earlier this year

9. While my goal in life is to be successful, I also want to help any and all who want a bit of advice for getting ahead in life and dominating the game

10. Favorite band is either DragonForce or Fox Stevenson/Stan SB

11. I have an odd obsession with spaghetti

12. I live in Michigan. A.K.A the Frozen Tundra

13. I consider myself to be a rather lonely person. (Not trying to get attention one bit) I never had many good friends in high school and a large portion of my time was spent talking to people online.

14. I once, unintentionally did a backflip off of my trampoline, onto a rock (spoiler alert: it hurt)

15. I lose a bit of faith in humanity every time someone says “You’re japanese? I thought you were Asian” (if you’re asian at all, you know what i’m talking about) ASIA IS A FREAKIN CONTINENT. JAPAN, CHINA, KOREA AND MANY OTHERS ARE A PART OF THAT CONTINENT. IF YOU’RE JAPANESE, YOU’RE ALSO ASIAN.



About xeromindfulness

I'm nothing but a man looking to be something.
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2 Responses to A bit about me (Noah)

  1. livingonchi says:

    Person: “Are you Chinese?” Me: “No, I’m of Korean descent.” Person: “Oh ok, same thing.” :p


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