Sometimes life’s hard

I understand that life gets hard sometimes. It’s completely understandable and is only natural that we all get those bad days every now and then. It sucks, everything sucks, life in general sucks during those times but the right mind doesn’t suffer as much from those days.

Instead of spending your time going on about how somethings sucks or this is stupid and all that stuff, I recommend finding something that calms your mind. Something to take your mind off of everything that’s just flat out going wrong.

For me, I’ve learned that going for a walk alone calms me down (admittedly, I don’t go on walks very often). Perhaps that’s yours too or maybe it’s reading a book, spending some time on Netflix or shooting some zombies. Whatever works for you.

I just want everyone to remember that when life is giving you a nice little stab in the back, you should try to find something to calm you down. Statistically, being mad, frustrated or stressed out shortens your lifespan and your overall health. So, when you get mad, keep calm and live longer, keep your health up and some other third thing. (smooth)



About xeromindfulness

I'm nothing but a man looking to be something.
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